19 Apr 2024, 14:36
Napoli su misura. Craft Shopping Guide. Ed. Gruppo Editoriale

Whether with a jacket or not, with a pullover or not, cuf- flinks are the detail that make the difference. The perfect mix of elegance, personality and glamour for the modern gentleman. Those made by the Barbarulo family since the late 1800s are veritable pieces of jewelry, worn by actors such as Michael Caine, Geoffrey Rush and Toni Servillo. The member of the family who now carries on this tradi- tion is Cristiano Barbarulo. He brought his creative talent to the company which, however, remains synonymous with authentic craftsmanship. The excellent workmanship of Barbarulo cufflinks is ...

07 Apr 2021, 18:01
Meet Cristiano Barbarulo of Barbarulo Napoli - MNSWR Journal by Tom Nathaniel

“Dressing well in Naples is not that difficult. All or almost all of my friends have a family tailor. Everyone says that his is the best of all. And in Naples, being the best of all means being among one of the premier in the world” 1) Tell us about yourself. Who are you? What is your background in the field of jewelry & menswear and how did you start?   I come from a family that has worked in the world of jewelry since 1894. My father was a famous goldsmith from the Isle of Capri. He made unique exclusive jewelry without ever repeating himself. My great grandfather was ...

11 Set 2020, 17:06
The Story Of Cristiano Barbarulo - Troisanneaux by George Cramer

We post a beautiful article of the prestigious Web Magazine "Troisanneaux" in which George Cramer tell us the story of the Barbarulo brand and in particular how Cristiano Barbarulo managed to make it famous all over the world in a few years. Thanks George! Enjoy the reading   The title of this article is not really correct and should actually read ‘The Story of Barbarulo Napoli 1894’. But since it was Cristiano Barbarulo who did quite a job to bring back this old Italian Jewellery name, that now only sells his own creations, we decided to put the man behind the ...

29 Ago 2020, 16:17
Barbarulo - handmade cufflinks from Naples - by SMARTORIAL

Smartorial, an inspirational blog for style-conscious men about high-quality menswear and shoes, recently did an interview with our founder, Cristiano Barbarulo. Read the full blog post below, with many insight information how Cristiano Barbarulo was started and the long way to where his production concept of bespoke jewelery is now. The Article is available in English and German.    Barbarulo is an Italian brand especially known for its highly regarded handmade cufflinks. Headquartered and designed in the sartorial city Naples, the company offers clients worldwide ...

22 Mag 2020, 15:59
Cufflinks! - Why, When and perhaps even more importantly, when not. By George Cramer

An often heard saying is that cufflinks are the only jewelry a man can wear next to his watch and although I don’t agree with that statement, these little accessories are my favorite pieces of jewelry. One of the questions I often get at my Instagram account is, when can cufflinks be worn and when not. Well, the answer to the question ‘when’ is very personal and depends on your style, what kind of work you’re doing, and what you’re planning to do that day. The question when cufflinks should be worn is easy to answer; only at funerals no one should wear cufflinks ...

23 Set 2019, 16:20
Napoli Film Festival 2019

Dal 23 settembre al 1 ottobre 2019 si terrà a Napoli la 21esima edizione del Napoli Film Festival, Una bella manifestazione, diretta da Mario Violini, che prevede la proiezione di oltre 150 film e poi anteprime, incontri, concorsi, rassegne d’autore, ma anche mostre, libri, musica e convegni. Tanti registi e attori in città per il Napoli Film Festival tra cui due maestri del cinema italiano quali Pupi Avati e Gianni Amelio, vincitori del Premio alla Carriera ma anche il regista francese Benoit Jacquot, gli ...

01 Lug 2019, 16:45
Barbarulo: Gioielli "di polso" dal 1894 una questione di eleganza by WD - WATCH DIGEST

Se pensiamo ai gemelli da polso come semplici bottoni ornamentali che hanno lo scopo di chiudere i polsini di camicie senza bottoni cadiamo in un profondo errore di valutazione. Dietro a questo tipo di gioielli, perché ormai è di questo che si tratta, si nascondono diverse curiosità, dalla loro storia alle diverse tipologie esistenti, da i simboli in essi raffigurati al loro legame con il mondo dell’eleganza e dello sport. La storia della nascita dei gemelli è avvolta da una fitta nube di mistero ma le prime testimonianze sul loro uso risale al periodo ...

23 Nov 2018, 18:00
Gala dinner per la Prima della stagione teatrale 2018-19 del Teatro San Carlo

L’inaugurazione della Stagione d’opera e danza al Teatro di San Carlo di Napoli avviene all’insegna di un atteso ritorno. Come già annunciato, domenica 25 novembre 2018, alle ore 19.00 – con quattro successive repliche, fino al 2 dicembre – si leverà il sipario su Così fan tutte, dramma giocoso di Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart su libretto di Lorenzo Da Ponte.  Direttore d’eccezione Riccardo Muti, che torna sul podio dell’Orchestra e del coro del San Carlo dopo ben trentaquattro anni, ovvero ...

07 Ott 2017, 13:08
MADURO Japanese Magazine on us

Maduro, the well-known Japanese men's fashion and lifestyle magazine, dedicates an extensive article to the discovery of the craftsmanship of the city of Naples. Among the 7 "Samurai" of Neapolitan craftsmanship and excellence there is also our Cristiano Barbarulo who with his cufflinks is conquering the  Japanese market.

07 Ott 2017, 12:15

The Napoli Film Festival is a Film Festival that takes place in Naples, Founded with the name Modfest - 360 ° of Cinema of the Unione Italiana Circoli del Cinema (U.I.C.C.), it was conceived by Mario Violini, and takes place every year in Naples, at the "Institut Français Napoli". The review is part of the European circuit of the most important independent festivals, relaunching its cinematographic "double track": presenting to the public unpublished works in Italy by Mediterranean directors and Neapolitan authors, without forgetting the charm of the great ...

23 Ago 2017, 06:34
Barbarulo 1894 - Neapolitan Handmade Jewellery

Mr. Simon Crompton is celebrated as a world icon of style and elegance. He is the creator of Permanet Style, certainly the most important Blog in the world dedicated to the world of luxury and clothing. But he is also the author of 5 books. We had the privilege of receiving a visit from him at our Showroom following which a beautiful article was born that we propose below. Simon Crompton has also included in his "Satorial Travel Guide" our Showroom - Artisan Laboratory in Naples as an unmissable location. Many thanks Simon!    As in Japan last year, while we were in ...

11 Dic 2016, 18:28
Scampia Naples - The Thousand Children in the Pitch Project

Cristiano Barbarulo is the testimonial and one of the main promoters of the project "A Thousand children on the Pitch" which aims to bring a thousand children of Scampia (the modern and problematic suburb in the far north of Naples) to the game of rugby using this sport as an educational tool and to prevent youth problems and to promote health lifestyles. The Barbarulo Napoli 1894 company has created, in support of the aforementioned project, an exclusive and elegant bracelet in Sterling silver with the colors of the Scampia Rugby shirt.

21 Mag 2015, 17:34
Barbarulo Cufflinks for Sir Michael Caine!

Youth is a 2015 Italian comedy-drama film written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino. It is the director's second English language film, and stars Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel as best friends who reflect on their lives while holidaying in the Swiss Alps. It is a story of the eternal struggle between age and youth, the past and the future, life and death, commitment and betrayal. The cast also includes Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano, and Jane Fonda. The film premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, where it competed for ...

26 Giu 2014, 18:43
Cufflinks to celebrate the centenary of E Marinella, Naples

E Marinella, Neapoletan tie-maker famous throughout the world, reaches its 100th anniversary, and celebrates in style! Cristiano Barbarulo was given the great privilege of commemorating such an important date by designing beautiful cufflinks. Elegant, strongly representative of the essence of "Marinella" design, and made using the best alloys of silver in existence. This is one of those occasions where synergy, skills and craftworkers unite to create something unique, beautifully handmade exclusively in Naples.

18 Giu 2014, 18:56
LO STILE DEL SUD - Ravello festival 2014

The 'Lo stile del Sud' exhibition, held as part of the Ravello Festival, highlights five artisan companies from Naples who have become world-famous in the field of fashion. These highly valuable collections have gained international recognition not only by their own merit but also because of enthusiastic celebrities and prestigious events.  Clothes and accessories are exhibited, made by Marinella, Rubinacci, Attolini, Tramontano and  Barbarulo for prominent leaders of contemporary histroy: from Aristotle Onassis to the Oscar-winning Geoffrey Rush, from Alberto ...

24 Apr 2014, 19:03

Voiello presents L’Oro di Napoli, a celebration of the creativity and know-how of 13 prestigious artisan companies and 2 highly-starred Parthenopean restaurants in an exhibition of urban photography by Napoletan photographers Sergio Siano and Paola Tufo: following a trail of 15 totem photographs through Piazza dei Martiri and Via Santa Caterina and illustrating its story with shots of skilled hands expertly performing their crafts.  football news    

19 Giu 2013, 23:02
Luna di Méliès per Toni Servillo

Presentazione ufficiale dei gemelli da polso "Luna di Méliès" presso lo Store napoletano della celebre sartoria Cesare Attolini, che ha recentemente firmato l’eleganza senza tempo di Jep Gambardella, personaggio protagonista del film di Paolo Sorrentino interpretato dal grande attore Toni Servillo. Ed è a quest'ultimo che con immenso orgoglio Cristiano Barbarulo consegna la prima coppia di gemelli da polso dedicati alla Luna di Méliès...ovvero all'icona del cinema!

08 Gen 2013, 23:02
The Best Offer

Gemellidapolso on the set of Giuseppe Tornatore’s new film! Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush wears gemellidapolso cufflinks by Cristiano Barbarulo in every scene. Costume designer Maurizio Millenotti, who besides working previously with Tornatore has also worked with Fellini, Zeffirelli, Mel Gibson and others, has made a wide choice from the varied collections of this Neapolitan brand, choosing both antique and modern designs. football news The elegance of antiquarian Virgil Oldman (Geoffrey Rush) underlines how the cufflink as an accessory adds a self-assured and confident finishing touch, ...