Barbarulo - handmade cufflinks from Naples - by SMARTORIAL

Pubblicata il 29 Ago 2020, 16:38
Barbarulo - handmade cufflinks from Naples - by SMARTORIAL

Barbarulo is an Italian brand especially known for its highly regarded handmade cufflinks. Headquartered and designed in the sartorial city Naples, the company offers clients worldwide wonderful artisanal jewelry accessories. It places uncompromising emphasis on quality stemming from its century-long experience in the jewelry business. Barbarulo’s international growth in the recent years let clients worldwide own its exclusive but still accessible products. If you are looking for something truly refined and unique, you should definitely have a closer look at the brand’s product range.

The history of Barbarulo
In 1894, Cristiano’s great-grandfather Raffaele Barbarulo started the handicraft activity in the world of jewelry. He moved to Naples from a small provincial town and opened the first Barbarulo shop in the early 1900s. This business was taken over by Raffaeles’s son, Amedeo who was leading the company until the 70s.
In 1983 the founder’s grandson, also named Raffaele, decided to transfer the company to one of Italy’s most scenic islands – Capri. There, he started selling antique jewelry but never abandoned the art of being a goldsmith. He had the pleasure of making jewelry by hand for very special customers. Each piece was absolutely unique and he never reproduced it a second time. The shop in Capri remained open for nearly 30 years. In 2012, Raffaele decided to retire after more than 50 years of hard work.
At that time, his son Cristiano was not actively involved in the business but was working in a bank. It was a very tough decision for him, but he eventually decided to quit his job and to continue the family business. He was young, motivated, with a truly creative spirit and one important mission: completely renewing his family’s legacy!

Cristiano is focusing on cufflinks exclusively
Cristiano decided to return to Naples, the city where everything had started over a century ago. He registered the “Barbarulo Napoli 1894” brand incorporating the city as well as the date into the brand name, which mark the origin of the history of the Barbarulo family of jewelers. In just a few months, he managed to completely renew the brand: He originally came from finance and now had a direct and small artisan production focusing solely on cufflinks. He has already loved this elegant accessory as a small boy, when he was joining his father during his trips of buying antique jewelry. It was Cristiano, who back then convinced his father of selling antique cufflinks in his shop in Capri.
In the first half of 2012, both father and son were designing cufflink models by taking inspiration from their collection of antique cufflinks. This has definitely given a unique imprint on the Barbarulo brand.

Barbarulo’s value proposition
Barbarulo offers a wide range of cufflinks from their various collections. Their great value is determined by delicate shapes and craftsmanship at a truly affordable price. Some models have the face in solid gold with stones or enamels and the structure and back side in sterling silver. They realize this “little dream” in an elegant, modern and convenient way. Therefore, they use to refer to it as ‘accessible luxury’.
Barbarulo’s product range
Currently, Barbarulo’s products can be divided into 3 macro categories:
  • cufflinks
  • jewelry for women and
  • men’s accessories.
The main actor of the whole Barbarulo production are cufflinks. Also, when it comes to the women’s line of rings, the Barbarulo team takes inspiration from the design of cufflinks. They never imagine a ring without first creating the original model for the cufflinks. According to Cristiano, besides a beautiful watch, every gentleman should own at least two pairs of cufflinks. He recommends one in sterling silver which is adaptable to all occasions and colors. Furthermore, a nice pair of gold cufflinks for example with a blue lapis lazuli stone is definitely a great choice.

Cristiano explains: “My recommendation is to look for unique and special things. The elegance of a man can be seen from the refinement and uniqueness of what he wears. For example, buying a handmade jewel from a craftsman from a place you are visiting is a unique and special experience. For this reason, I recommend everyone who comes to Naples to buy a nice pair of Barbarulo cufflinks to keep on their wrist a little memory of this wonderful city.”
In the men’s accessories line, they have added a product that is becoming increasingly important for some years: Lapel Chain. Very interesting is the fact, that Barbarulo is the only company which has given this product an Italian name: VEZZO. Furthermore, they also own the largest range of possible variations of this nice and elegant jacket accessory worldwide. There are over 5.000 possible variations when combining the 3 essential parts of the Lapel Chain: Head, Chain and Pendant. They will soon incorporate a platform on their new website which will enable the virtual creation of any desired model.
Barbarulo’s production process
The whole production is entirely designed and handcrafted internally so they are in control of all stages of production. The design process can last from 4 weeks up to an impressive 6-7 months! It all depends on the complexity of the model including the technique (handmade metalworking vs. handmade wax-working), the choice of colors for both enamels and stones and many more. There is no single source of inspiration when designing and creating their models. They are inspired by various things: starting from Italian art and history up to simple fashion accessories. However, not all inspirations can be revealed as they are the secret of their success 😊
Barbarulo’s goals and sale channels

Nowadays, men are increasingly adapting to the business casual or even casual style and cufflinks are mostly worn in very formal environments only. Therefore, Barbarulo would like to convince gentleman around the world of the beauty and elegance of cufflinks and hence to increase the number of daily users of this accessory. Furthermore, the company wants to expand the range of both its products as well as models.
Based on Cristiano’s management since 2012, within only a few years, Barbarulo’s international growth made its products reach customers in more than 20 countries on five continents. The brand has its main and unique headquarters in the city of Naples. There are also several retailers worldwide, especially in many European countries where customers can buy the products onsite. However, Barbarulo has a strong focus on its new online sales portal which they have just recently relaunched. It is a truly beautiful online store where you will find any accessory your heart might desire. It is also the unique source to guarantee a Bespoke Jewelry Service to all potential customers around the world.

Cristiano, thanks a lot again for all those interesting and exciting insights into your company! I truly hope that men around the world will again start refining their style by adding beautiful cufflinks to their daily outfits – it is an amazing accessory which enhances the look significantly 😊